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Hộp điều khiển cần cẩu, Crane linkage console QT1B-003/112, TQ1-003/112

Hộp điều khiển cần cẩu, Crane linkage console QT1B-003/112, TQ1-003/112

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  • Mã sản phẩm: QT1B-003/112, TQ1-003/112
    1. Use and model meaning
    2.     QT1B-□□□/□-□ series crane console, mainly used for AC 50HZ rated voltage 380V and below and DC voltage 220V and below main circuit and control circuit, control hoisting transport machinery and similar conditions of electrical control equipment Motor starting, speed regulation, braking and commutation. 
      The meaning of the model and representative is as follows:
    3. classification
      2.1, according to the combination of controllers: 
      according to the number of controllers; full cam console; hybrid console; 
      2.2, according to the number of controllers: two controller console; three controller console; Four controller console; five controller console; six controller console; 
      2.3, fixed way: fixed console; rotary console. The rotary console is more widely used in applications such as gantry cranes.
    4. Structural features and principle of action
          The console is mainly composed of left and right control boxes, seats and bases. The control box has four specifications and six mechanisms (four controllers can hold four controllers, and six cabinets can hold six controllers). The height of the seat and the inclination of the backrest can be adjusted freely, and can be folded and turned to make the road clear. The left and right control boxes and seats are screwed on the base or directly mounted on the chassis of the cab, which can be removed. Easy to overhaul. 
          Each contact group of the controller in the console adopts double breakpoint contacts, and has a good arc extinguishing device. Each contact group is combined in the form of plug-in rhyme, and the arrangement is reasonable, so that the lead wires, wiring and maintenance are better. 
          The operation of the console is driven by two sets of gears by the joystick, so that the two controllers can be driven and driven simultaneously. The outlet of the handle is equipped with a dust-proof sealing device. The operating positions of the front, rear, left and right, and lifting can be divided into 1-6 gears according to the actual use requirements. The maximum number of contacts is 23, and the additional components of the upper cover of the box are installed. For various signal systems for controlling other movements of the crane. 
          The console handle operation is flexible, reliable, and the positioning is obviously accurate, and has a zero-position self-locking device. The self-locking function of the zero-seven-bit position has two functions, that is, the self-locking lever can be lifted to operate normally; After the handle is rotated by 15°, it will remain free from self-locking, and then resume self-locking after recovery to ensure safe driving or parking. 
          The rotary console uses a rotating device, and the rectification order console is operated with the foot in the range of 120° (ie, 60° left and right), and the corner is arbitrarily left to ensure that the operator has direct line of sight and no dead angle.

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    1. Technical data
      4.1, the console is suitable for the following working conditions 
      a, ambient air temperature, upper limit +40 ° C, lower limit -5 ° C, the average value within 24 hours does not exceed +35 ° C; 
      b, installation location air clean, at +40 The relative humidity at the highest temperature of °C does not exceed 50%, the relative humidity can be increased at lower temperatures; 
      c, the altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m; 
      d, the vertical installation, the inclination does not exceed 5°; 
      e, the quality of the power supply network is qualified, The line voltage fluctuation range does not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage value; 
      f. The pollution level of the console is level 3, the installation category is class III; 
      g, the protection level of the console shell is lp30. 
      4.2, the basic parameters of the console: 
      a, rated voltage: AC is 380V, DC is 220V. 
      b. The rated working current of the main circuit of the console is 32A and 63A, the rated current of the auxiliary circuit is 2.6A, the agreed heating current is 10A, and the rated current at DC is 0.4A. 
      4.3, the rated operating frequency of the console: 
      a, the main order is 1200 times / h. 
      b. The cam is 600 times/h. 
      4.4 The console is a repeated short-time working system with a rated current rate of 40%. 
      4.5 Handle operating force when operating a single controller: 
      a, 10A is not greater than 25N; 
      b, 32A is not greater than 40N; 
      c, 63A is not greater than 50N. 
      4.6 Mechanical life and electrical life of the     console 
      4.6.1 Electrical life The main circuit contact electrical life of the 
      console shall comply with the requirements of the AC-2 use category. The electrical life of the contact of the control circuit shall be in accordance with AC-15, DC. -13 Use category requirements.
      Use category AC-2 AC-15 DC-13
      Electrical life (number of times) 7.5×104 10×105 6×105
      4.6.2 Mechanical life of the mechanical life 
          console: Each controller is 1.5 million times, and the linkage operating mechanism is 3 million times.
    2. Dimensions and installation dimensions
    3. Transportation and storage conditions
      6.1 During transportation and storage, it should be protected from rain and snow. The storage location should be air circulation and dry. 
      6.2 During transportation and storage, the temperature of the console is -25~+55°C, and the temperature at (24h) is +70°C.
    4. Use and maintenance
      7.1. Unpacking inspection: Whether the appearance is intact, whether the operating mechanism is flexible, whether the zero self-locking is reliable, whether the wiring and electrical principles are consistent, and whether the reef head closure is consistent with the drawings. 
      7.2. The console with zero self-locking must be pulled up with a finger to operate. 
      Do not pull up the self-locking lever to force the operation. 
      7.3. Under normal circumstances, the contact of the console should be cleaned once a year. When cleaning the contacts, it can be scrubbed with cotton and alcohol. Regularly check the fasteners of the operating mechanism and the contact mechanism. 
      7.4. Random documents 
      a, product all-inclusive: b, product instruction manual, etc.



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