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Công tắc giật dây, công tắc giật dây dừng băng tải, Pull switch SPS-2D-FM two-way rope switch

Công tắc giật dây, công tắc giật dây dừng băng tải, Pull switch SPS-2D-FM two-way rope switch

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  • Mã sản phẩm: SPS-2D-FM
  • Introduction
    ● The pull switch is a protection device that can stop the conveyor emergency when an accident occurs in the belt conveyor. 

    ● The pull switch is used for emergency stop of the belt conveyor. One end of the steel cable is fixed on a fixed bolt, and the other end is fixed on the switch arm. The distance from the switch to the fixed end is usually less than 34 meters. The distance between the two switches is usually not More than 48 meters (36 meters), there is a support bracket for every 3 meters of cable. The upward or downward force causes the boom to rotate to the alarm position, triggers the microswitch and locks until manual manual reset.

    ● The standard pull switch has IP65 protection and is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The surface can be used in acid, alkali and salt areas after special treatment.Shot blasting surfaces are used for highly corrosive areas.
    ■ Application range
    ● Conventional belt conveyor 

    ● Reciprocating conveyor 

    ● Plate feeder conveyor 

    ● Bucket elevator 

    ● Ship / handling system 

    ● Horizontal feeding system

    ■ Product Features
    ● Rugged cast aluminum casing and electrostatic anti-corrosion coating for installation in harsh industrial environments 

    ● Protection standard IP65 can also be used in harsh environments 

    ● Use high-performance micro switch for excellent durability 

    ● Can produce automatic reset products

    ■ Technical specifications
    ● Contact capacity: 2 SPDT 400V / 10A 

    ● Locking angle: 20°C 

    ● Operating tension: 5~8 Kg 

    ● Dimensions: 190 (L0 X 135(W) X 109(H)mm cable rod 
         length 203mm 

    ● Housing: NEMA-4 weatherproof, 2 screw holes 3/4" -14NPT 

    ● Ambient temperature: -20°C~ +80°C


    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    ■ Example installation 
    diagram ● The angle in the diagram is the angle of the switch tilting action 

    ● The contact point 1, 2 is always open when tilted to 20°

    ● When the contacts 4, 5 are tilted to 20°, they are normally closed. 

    ● The manual reset type is fixed when the lever is tilted to 30°. The 
          lever is locked and the reset lever will return to the original position. 

    ● The position of the contact can be changed according to the adjustment cam.





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