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cọc tiếp địa, Electrolytic ion ground rod HXFL-530C, HXFL-520C, HXFL-515C

cọc tiếp địa, Electrolytic ion ground rod HXFL-530C, HXFL-520C, HXFL-515C

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  • Mã sản phẩm: HXFL-530C, HXFL-520C, HXFL-515C
  • HXFL-530C, HXFL-520C, HXFL-515C Electrolytic ion ground rod
    Electrolytic ion grounding electrode specifications and technical parameters
    Model Specifications (m) Weight (KG) Inrush current △R PH value Ph Resistance reduction Φ(100Φ/m)
    HXFL-530C Φ55*3000       20        ≤1%   7 ± 5%        2
    HXFL-520C Φ55*2000       14        ≤1%   7 ± 5%        4
    HXFL-515C Φ55*1500       10        ≤1%   7 ± 5%        8

    * Product life: > 30 years 
    * Resistance change rate of ceramic coating on the inner wall of the tube: △R%≤1% 
    * Impact withstand current density ≥1000 kA/m2 
    * Power frequency withstand current density ≥5kA/m2 
    * Acid resistance , alkali resistance, salt resistance: Excellent 
    electrolytic ion grounding electrode construction dosage parameters 
    Known grounding resistance requirements and horizontal grounding grounding resistance, vertical grounding grounding resistance calculation is required: 
    R: grounding grid grounding resistance (Ω) 
    Rh: Grounding resistance of horizontal grounding body (Ω) 
    Rv: Grounding resistance of vertical grounding body (Ω) 
    η: Shielding utilization factor between horizontal grounding body and vertical grounding body, 
    calculation of grounding resistance of 0.9 single straight-axis type ALG anti-corrosion ion grounding body Formula: 
    R: Grounding resistance (Ω) of a single anti-corrosion ion grounding body 
    ρ: Soil resistivity (Ω.m) 
    L: Electrode length (m) 
    D: Grounding electrode equivalent diameter (m) (conventional 0.18m, also Can be adjusted according to the diameter of the backfill hole) 
    K: soil adjustment coefficient, 20% (variation range is 50% to 5%, but not more than 20% after 6 months. The higher the initial soil resistivity, the greater the percentage reduction, the high density soil The settling time needs to be longer.) 
    Specifications and technical parameters

    The working principle of the electrolytic ion grounding electrode 
    improves the contact environment between the electrode and the surrounding soil through the ion release effect of the internal and external filling materials of the electrode, and achieves the purpose of reducing the resistance. The electrical resistance in a certain area is reduced by laying a large amount of metal material, and the common grounding method is implemented. Achieve low grounding resistance and 
    grounding stability. The external filling material has good anti-corrosion, water absorption and moisture retention, and is not affected by climate change. The grounding resistance enters a stable state after one week of construction, and is not affected by the dry and wet soil. It rises with time. 
    1. Electrolytic ion grounding is very dry contact. When dry and wet, the grounding resistance fluctuates greatly. 
    2. Electrolytic ion grounding electrode is additionally corroded. The grounding resistance rises with time. The 
    life cycle has anti-corrosion effect. Supplement, so the effective life cycle is more than 30 years. The corrosion protection is poor. Every 3 to 5 years, the soil transformation needs to be carried out again, the soil resistivity engineering technology is reduced, the resistance reduction effect is obvious, the construction is simple, the engineering quantity is small, and the comprehensive cost is higher. Low technical level, large amount of engineering, no process guarantee.

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    cọc tiếp địa, Electrolytic ion ground rod HXFL-530C, HXFL-520C, HXFL-515C 



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