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Cảm biến tốc độ băng tải, cân băng tải 60-12S, 60-12N, 60-12F, 60-12B, 60-12C

Cảm biến tốc độ băng tải, cân băng tải 60-12S, 60-12N, 60-12F, 60-12B, 60-12C

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  • Mã sản phẩm: 60-12S, 60-12N, 60-12F, 60-12B, 60-12C

  • 60-12S 60-12N 60-12F 60-12B 60-12C belt scale coal feeder special speed sensor 
    The electronic belt scale standard configuration type digital speed sensor is directly mounted on the tail drum, the speed measuring drum or the speed measuring roller to accurately detect the real speed of the belt running and prevent the measurement error caused by the belt slip phenomenon. The principle of 60-12B speed sensor is the same as 60-12C, which is suitable for some occasions with slow speed. Such as: weighing feeder, coal feeder, screw scale, etc.

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    speed sensor

    The 14 series, 17 series, 20 series, 30 series belt scales all use the 60-12B speed sensor. The 60-12B speed sensor is directly connected to the driven roller or large diameter roller, which ensures reliable contact with the belt and eliminates the adverse effects of belt slip and other factors on the speed sensor. The speed sensor is a brushless AC pulse generator that emits a series of pulses, each pulse representing a unit of the belt stroke, the pulse frequency being proportional to the belt speed.
    1. Connected to the special speed measuring drum, it can eliminate the speed error caused by belt slip.  
    2, cast aluminum casing, with good shielding and sealing, suitable for outdoor installation  
    3. Carbon brushless AC pulse generator, no need Adjustment, calibration, maintenance-free  
    4, soft connection technology, more effectively ensure the speed measurement accuracy, and greatly improve the service life of the equipment.




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