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Bộ nguồn DC, Power Supply PULS SL5.100 120W

Bộ nguồn DC, Power Supply PULS SL5.100 120W

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  • Mã sản phẩm: PULS SL5.100 120W
  • Manufacturer PULS Manufacturer Part Number SL5.100
    40W to 960W, single-phase/three-phase Silverline series with power enhancement
    The 3-phase units SL10 and SL20 provide an overload response selection. In the "fuse" mode, if an overload occurs, the device will be turned off. In "continuous" mode, the device can increase the current while reducing the output power (up to 80%)
    Integral input fuse; electronic output protection
    Jumper can be used to select parallel mode of operation
    Output LED indication
    Adjustable output voltage
    Patented assembly for quick and easy mounting on DIN rails
    Power enhancements. The device can provide higher current in a short time without loss of output voltage. When the load continues to exceed this period, the PULS overload design will take over the load, reducing the voltage
    When the temperature is higher than 45 °C, the power is permanently increased by 25%.
    * = Auto range.
    At temperatures above +60 to +70 °C, power begins to drop.
    Canadian UL/UL certification
    Switch mode PULS

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Product Specifications
    Width  64mm
    Dimensions  102 x 64 x 124mm
    Mean time  between failures 520000h
    Performance  90%
    Minimum temperature  -10 ° C
    Maximum temperature  +70 ° C
    Depth  124mm
    Potential phase  1
    Type  switch mode
    Ripple and noise  50mV peak-to-peak
    Range  SilverLine
    Input voltage  176 → 264 V ac, 210 → 375 V dc, 85 → 132 V ac
    Output voltage  24V DC
    Output current  4.3 → 5
    Weight  620g
    Length  102mm
    Rated power  120W



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