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Card mạng, Molex / Woodhead / Applicom Ethernet interface card, PCU2000ETH, PCU2000ETH V4.5.0

Card mạng, Molex / Woodhead / Applicom Ethernet interface card, PCU2000ETH, PCU2000ETH V4.5.0

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  • Mã sản phẩm: PCU2000ETH
  • applicom® Ethernet PCU2000ETH Best choice for SCADA/HMI applications Overview applicom® is a range of intelligent communication solutions, complete and ready to use covering more than 40 protocols among a wide choice of industrial networks and fieldbuses: Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus, Modbus Plus, Data Highway Plus, WorldFIP and Serial Links. These solutions connect your PC-based applications (HMI, SCADA, MES, custom applications) to industrial equipment (programmable controller, I/O modules, devices...). Thanks to applicom® smart built-in processor technology - each interface card is able to execute all management and the processing (polling, frame management, etc.) of communications protocols, resulting in extremely fast, efficient application performance. The applicom® software package includes: ƒ Graphical configuration software. ƒ Test and network diagnostic tools. ƒ Data servers 9 OPC DA v1.0a, v2.05 and v3.0 (including an OPC client with its source code) 9 Wonderware I/O Server (DDE, FastDDE, SuiteLink) ƒ Development libraries 9 DLL Library 9 MS Visual Studio (.NET/C#/VB/C++/C), Borland Delphi, Windev 9 National Instruments (LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW/VI) - Configuration Software - - OPC Server - Features • New! o Support of Windows 32-bit and 64- bit (WoW64) o Support of Windows Seven and 2008 Server • All protocols included in the package • Free full technical support during 2 years of hardware warranty • On-board processor eliminates data bottle necks, ensuring delivery of time critical information • Certified with over 50 major SCADA/HMI packages • Fast Ethernet 10/100, RJ-45 Port • COMBO Offer = Ethernet + Profibus 1.5Mbps or Ethernet + Serial 38.4Kbps • Simultaneously run all TCP/IP protocols in Client/Server modes • Redundancy feature via OPC Server • Onboard internal data base (32 Kwords + 32 Kbits) Supported OS Standard package • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (WoW64) o Windows XP o Windows 2003 Server o Windows Vista o Windows Seven o Windows 2008 Server o Windows 2008 Server R2 Free Download • Other operating systems o Ardence RTX o VxWorks o QNX o Linux o DOS

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