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Kim chống sét, kim thu sét,TQYF-6.3, TQYF-5.3 , TQYF-4.3, TQYF-3.3 , TQYF-3.1

Kim chống sét, kim thu sét,TQYF-6.3, TQYF-5.3 , TQYF-4.3, TQYF-3.3 , TQYF-3.1

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  • Mã sản phẩm: TQYF-6.3, TQYF-5.3 , TQYF-4.3, TQYF-3.3 , TQYF-3.1
  • TQYF pre-release lightning rod series: 
    Working principle: 
      TQYF series lightning rods are made of foreign advanced technology and technology, and obtained national patents. The energy is absorbed and stored by an exciter from an electric field in nature. The reflector and the arrester tip have a good electrical connection with the ground and are in an equipotential state. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there is electric field strength between the exciter and the emitter. Before the lightning flash occurs, the electric field strength will increase rapidly. The potential difference between the exciter and the reactor is roughly equivalent to between the thundercloud and the earth. The potential, the rapid increase in voltage drop between them, causes the tip to ignite and ionize the air around the tip, creating a tip discharge phenomenon. 
      The electric field between the central collecting rod of the lightning rod and the exciter EXCITERS increases rapidly, causing the ionization of the air generated by the tip to be discharged in a very short and accurate time. Due to the presence of a large number of electric ions, the natural Corona effect is reduced, resulting in An expected upstream discharge channel can quickly and safely intercept and safely discharge lightning to the earth. 
      Maintenance-free, non-electronic, long-life; 
      no electronic system, no damage due to surge impact, no protection after lightning strike; 
      different radius for users to choose; 
      when there is lightning, will self-activate , fully active interception of lightning system; 
      safe and reliable, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, through the relevant national departments to test. 
    Product structure: 
      central collecting rod 
      triggering device 
      excitation device fixing plate 
      exciter is insulated from 
      reflector and central collecting rod reflector and central collecting rod have good electrical connection with the earth; the 
      trigger base is made of synthetic resin It is suitable for any corrosive condition.

    TQYF-5.3 pre-release lightning rod


    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    TQYF pre-placement lightning rod model selection: 
      TQYF-3.1 three pieces 3 short needle  
      TQYF-3.3 three pieces 9 short needle 
      TQYF-4.3 four pieces 12 short needle 
      TQYF-5.3 five pieces 20 short needle 
      TQYF-6.3 six pieces 30 short needle




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