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Dung cụ hiệu chuẩn cầm tay, HART375 handheld communicator

Dung cụ hiệu chuẩn cầm tay, HART375 handheld communicator

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  • Mã sản phẩm: HART375
  • HART375 Communicator        
        Fully compliant with the HART ® protocol generic commands products, three AAA alkaline batteries ornickel at, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery, continuous operation for 13 hours.

     Technical indicators
        The HART 1. ® interface conforming HCF (HART Communication Foundation) protocol, two-way half-duplex 1200bit / s working mode
        The HART 2. ® common mode voltage may be received by the interface of plus or minus 40V
        3. Leakage current is typically less than 1uA@20°C
        4. HART ® interface communication distance <1500m
        5. Isolation mode: isolation between HART communication interface and power supply
        6. Isolation withstand voltage: 500Vrms
        7. LCD screen: 8 lines, 21 words per line
     Physical size
       228mm* 98mm 60mm (handheld part is 70mm wide * 37mm thick)
     Environmental requirements
        1. Operating temperature range: 0 ° C - +50 ° C
        2. Storage temperature range: -20 ° C - +55 ° C
        HART ® handset can connect any 4-20mA current loop via HART ® compatible device, the current loop must exist a minimum load resistance of 250Ω. The HART handheld uses the high-frequency digital signal Bell202 frequency shift keying (FSK) technology, which can be superimposed on the 4-20mA current signal for transmission. Handheld with HART ® compatible communications equipment does not affect the 4-20mA analog signal.

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Supported transmitter types
        HK-H3151 HK-H1151 HK-H990-CT1 HK-H610 YOKOKAWA  EJA Rosemount 1151 Rosemount 305 ,HK-H990M HART Universal Pressure Change Round Card) , HK-H991M (General Pressure Transmitter Board) Card) , HK-H3351M (Huakong 3351 Pressure Change Circular Card) , WT-2000 Wailai WT2000 Pressure Gauge) ,MV-2000 ( Welltech MV2000 Pressure Gauge) , SIPART_PS2 SIMENS Valve Positioner) , SITRANS_FM_MAG (SIMENS Mass flow meter) , SITRANS_TH300 SIMENS thermometer) .





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