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Đo nhiệt độ hồng ngoại,Raytek Raytheon RAYMR1SASF online infrared thermometer

Đo nhiệt độ hồng ngoại,Raytek Raytheon RAYMR1SASF online infrared thermometer

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  • Mã sản phẩm: RAYMR1SASF
  • The Raytheon MR1S two-color integrated infrared thermometer accurately measures small or moving targets, or targets that are occluded by dust, smoke, and other particles in the atmosphere. It is especially suitable for harsh environments. Traditional monochrome infrared is used. The thermometer is difficult to accurately measure the target temperature. The 

    Raytheon MR1S two-color integrated infrared thermometer can be installed in a thermal protection sleeve (optional accessory), and the maximum temperature can withstand up to 315 ° C (600 ° F). Use in high temperature environments such as heat treatment and steel manufacturing. Supporting up to 32 sensor heads to form a multipoint network, the Raytheon Marathon DATATEMP software makes the use of intelligent digital communications simple, and the software in the WINDOWS environment enables remote monitoring, trend plotting, and data storage. , sensor head settings, process alarms and statistical processes and many other functions. The Raytheon MR two-color integrated infrared thermometer is mainly used in the following industries:
    • Metallurgy and metalworking (casting/forging and heat treatment)
    • Glass bending, glass forming, tempered glass, annealing, sealing
    • Papermaking (ink drying / paper processing and delamination)
    • Plastic processing and thermoforming; semiconductor processing
    •  Wider temperature range: 600o to 3000oC (1112o to 5430oF)
    •  Optical resolution up to 130:1
    Measurements for small or moving targets or targets that are occluded by dust, smoke, and other particles in the atmosphere
    Unique "dirty lens" alarm function
    More accurate temperature measurement with monochrome or two-color measurement mode

    Marathon MR -- Features

    • Monochrome/two-color mode
    • High-speed digital signal processor supports intelligent operation
    • Two-way RS-485 communication (networkable)
    • Supports up to 32 Marathon Series sensors in a single multipoint network
    • Programmable relay output (temperature set point or "fail protection")
    • Provide standard and near-focus optical systems
    • Zoom lens and built-in interface and display simplify installation
    • Aiming through the lens
    • Synchronous analog and digital outputs with user-defined alarms
    • Compact, rugged design, NEMA-4
    • Fast response time as low as 10 mS
    • Provide synchronous analog and digital outputs
    • Two-way digital communication
    • High optical resolution up to 130:1
    • Field calibration software

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Cooling and air purging accessories
    Display table and probe connection
    Response wavelength GPR/GPS 8~14mm
    Temperature range GPR/GPS -18~538°C

    GPR(SF) 35:1 GPR(CF)30:1
    When the ring temperature is 23±5°C
    ±1% of the measured value or ±1 °C, taking a large value
    Repeatability ±0.5% of the measured value or ±1 °C, taking a large value
    Response time GPR/GPS 300ms
    Emissivity Optional 0.1~1.09, step size 0.01
    Signal processing Peak hold, valley hold (know 998s, 999 for infinite time), adjustable average filter (up to 60s)
    T-ring temperature Background temperature compensation



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