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Công tắc tơ chân không, Low-voltage vacuum AC contactor CKJ5-80,125,250,400,600,630,1000,1250,1500,2000/1140

Công tắc tơ chân không, Low-voltage vacuum AC contactor CKJ5-80,125,250,400,600,630,1000,1250,1500,2000/1140

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  • Mã sản phẩm: CKJ5-80,125,250,400,600,630,1000,1250,1500,2000/1140
  • CKJ5 series vacuum contactor low pressure vacuum AC contactor CKJ5-1250/1140 vacuum contactor
    This series of vacuum contactors (hereinafter referred to as: contactors) is suitable for AC 50Hz or 60Hz , main circuit rated voltage 1140kV-2KV , rated current 125 0A or less in the power network, switching on and off and frequently starting and controlling AC motors, and It is suitable to form a magnetic starter and an explosion-proof magnetic starter with various protection devices. 
    by environmental conditions  

    1. The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 °C, not lower than -25 °C; 
    2. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters; 
    3. The average relative humidity of the air relative humidity in the wettest month is 
    90% , the monthly minimum temperature is 25 °C, taking into account the condensation on the surface of the product due to temperature changes;
    1. Where there is no significant impact or vibration;
    2. In a medium without explosion hazard, and there is not enough corrosion in the medium
    Insulator gas and dust (including conductive dust);
    1. No rain or snow attack.
    Two main technical parameters : 
    1. Main technical characteristics: see Table ;
    2. Main circuit pole number: three poles;
    3. Control power supply for AC: 36V 220V 380V , AC 50Hz/60Hz
    Can be supplied according to user needs;
    1. Control loop mode: DC electromagnetic system, AC control power supply to the coil through the rectifier bridge (see Figure ;
    2. Auxiliary circuit contacts for the user:
    80A is two normally open, two normally closed, 125A 160A are two normally open, one normally closed,
    250A 400A are four normally open, three normally closed, 630A is three normally open, two normally closed;
    6. The auxiliary contact current of the auxiliary contact is 5A ; 
    7. The vacuum switch tube housing is made of ceramic and metal;
    1. Rated work system: intermittent long-term work system, repeated short-term work system (amount
    The power-on duration is 40% );
    1. Appearance and installation dimensions: see Figure 2-6 Installation size of 125: 141x87x107mm.250 Installation size: 160x160mm. Installation size of 400A: 180x160mm Horizontal installation size of 600A: 300x230mm
    Three structures and working principle:  
    The 80A , 125A, 160A, 250A contactors consist of a base frame, (400A from an aluminum alloy base, base; 630A from an iron base plate, base), arm, armature, electromagnetic system, and vacuum switch tube assembly. When the electromagnetic coil passes the control voltage, the armature drives the arm to rotate, so that the contacts in the vacuum switch tube are turned on, and after the electromagnetic coil is powered off, the main spring is acted upon by the opening spring.
    The road is broken. The electromagnetic coil consists of starting and maintaining two sets of windings, which are switched by auxiliary contacts (also can be switched by the control loop delay).
    Four  installations :
    1. Fit the mounting holes on the mounting plate (see Figure 2-6); 
    2. 80A with M6, the rest with M8 (bolt length according to actual needs) and should be fixed with anti-loose washer; 
    3. Connect the control power supply to the incoming terminal and connect the ground wire; 
    4. It is recommended that the movable end be upward when the contactor is installed. 
    Five  use and maintenance
    1. The working voltage and current of the main circuit and control circuit of the contactor should comply with the regulations. 
    Set to avoid damage;
    2. For the newly replaced vacuum switch tube, the vacuum tester can be used to measure the vacuum.
    Degree should be above 1.33×10-2 Pa, and can also be checked by power frequency withstand voltage method. The contact should be able to withstand voltage above 10kV at rated opening distance;
    3. For the contactor in use, the vacuum should be checked every six months.
    (Power frequency withstand voltage method), power frequency withstand voltage should be greater than 6kV, otherwise it should be replaced. It is recommended to use 5kV or 2.5kV shaker check. When the insulationresistance of the switch tube is less than 100 megohms, the monitoring should be strengthened . When the switch is less than 20 megohms, the new pipe should be replaced immediately. But should distinguish
    The insulation resistance caused by moisture and other accidents is reduced to avoid misjudgment;
    4. All contactors shall be thoroughly inspected and adjusted in any of the following circumstances.
    4.1 annual routine inspection and cleaning work;
    4.2 Action 10 after million times;
    4.3 When the vacuum switch tube is damaged.
    5. Check that the auxiliary contacts are in good contact. If contact is bad, it should be repaired or replaced.
    Six custody and transportation 
    1. The contactor should be stored in air circulation, the relative humidity is not more than 90% , the room
    The temperature is in the environment between -25 °C and +40 °C;
    1. For contactors that are not used for a long time, they must be inspected regularly (not less than half a year)
    3.  For the contactor in operation, a special person shall be responsible for inspection and detailed records;

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Table 1                       main technical parameters

    Technical characteristics
    parameter name
    80A 125A 160A 250A 400A 630A
    Main circuit rated voltage (kV) 1140
    Main circuit rated current (A) 80 125 160 250 400 600
    Main circuit connection capability (A/100 times) 800 1250 1600 2500 4000 6000
    Main circuit switching capacity (A/10 times) 640 1000 1280 2000 3200 4800



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