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công tắc báo mức, E+H tuning fork level switch FTL20

công tắc báo mức, E+H tuning fork level switch FTL20

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  • Mã sản phẩm: FTL20

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    Vibrating limit detection switch Liquiphant FTL20

    Integrated limit detection switch, stainless steel housing

    The Liquiphant FTL20 is an integrated limit detection switch. Typically used in tank areas, vessels and pipes, in cleaning and filtration systems and cooling and lubrication tanks for overfill protection or to prevent pump idling. The FTL20 is an ideal replacement for traditional pontoon switches, conductance, capacitance and optical sensors. Functional inspection can be performed by a magnet mounted on the outside.


    • Safe, reliable and versatile operation, using the principle of tuning fork measurement
    • Measurements are not affected by conductivity, adhesion, turbulence, fluctuations or bubbles
    • Easy and fast commissioning, no calibration required
    • No mechanical moving parts, maintenance free
    • Self-monitoring (active frequency detection tuning fork) provides safety features
    • Improve cycle function testing by testing magnets
    • Compact design for narrow spaces

    Application field

    Integrated limit switch with stainless steel housing.
    • Process connection: series
    • Temperature: -40 to +150 ° C (-40 to +302 ° F)
    • Pressure: -1 to +40 bar (-14.5 to +580 psi)
    • Certification: CSA, WHG overflow protection, marine certification

    Technical specifications

    Liquid limit measurement
    Measuring principle Liquid tuning fork
    Features / Applications Compact instrument, independent of media characteristics, factory automation
    Power/communication 19 ... 253V AC, 10 ... 35V DC-PNP, ASI bus
    Ambient temperature -40...70°C; -25...70°C (ASi)
    Process temperature -40...150°C
    Process absolute pressure / maximum overpressure limit Vacuum up to 40 bar
    Minimum measured medium density 0,7g/cm3, (0,4g/cm3 optional)
    Contact media part 316L
    Process connection "G1/2A, G3/4A, G1A, NPT1/2", NPT3/4", R1/2", R3/4"
    Hygienic process connection Flush mounting of welded joints
    Sensor length 64mm
    Output AC, DC-PNP, ASi
    Certificate and certification CSA, WHG, GL Marine, track certification
    other Product phase out planned, 
    Successor FTL31



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