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Chuyển đổi nhiệt độ, Temperature Transmitter TMT181-AAAAA, TMT182-AAAAA 4-20ma Output

Chuyển đổi nhiệt độ, Temperature Transmitter TMT181-AAAAA, TMT182-AAAAA 4-20ma Output

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  • Mã sản phẩm: TMT181-AAAAA, TMT182-AAAAA

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    TMT182 temperature transmitter

    Convert sensor signals into stable, standard output signals for all industries

    This configurable transmitter delivers exceptional reliability, accuracy and long-term stability for critical processes in all industries. Not only can the thermal resistance (RTD) and thermocouple (TC) conversion signals be transmitted, but also the resistance and voltage signals using the HART® communication protocol. Intrinsically safe instrument can be installed in Zone 1 of hazardous explosion-proof area, using PC operating software for quick and easy operation, display and maintenance


    • Operate with a Communicator or PC
    • High precision measurement over the entire ambient temperature range
    • A fault signal will be issued when the sensor is disconnected or short-circuited. The preset is in accordance with NAMUR NE 43.
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with NAMUR NE 21, CE certification
    • Explosion-proof certification: ATEX Ex ia and Zone 22 dust explosion-proof certification in accordance with EN 50281-1, FM IS and CSA IS standards
    • Electrical isolation
    • Meet SIL2 requirements

    Application field

    Modular temperature transmitters use HART communication to convert different types 
    of input signals into 4 ... 20 mA analog output signals 
    Input signals: 
    Thermal resistance (RTD) 
    Thermocouple (TC) 
    resistance (Ω) 
    Voltage (mV) 
    HART communication mode, operated by hand-held device (DXR275\DXR375) or PC operating software (ReadWin 200 or FieldCare).

    Order code

    Module Temperature Transmitter TMT182
    SPK: TMM 
    [A] Certification: Non-explosion-proof occasion 
    [A] Setting connection: Factory setting Pt100 3-wire 0-100oC 
    [A] Setting sensor type: Factory setting Pt100 3-wire 0-100oC 
    [A] Setting: Factory setting Pt100 3-wire 0-100oC 
    [A] Additional options: Basic type - DIN mounting accessories

    Technical specifications

    Measuring principle Head transmitter
    Input RTD, TC, Ohm, mV
    Output 4...20 mA
    power supply 11,5...35 V DC (standard type), 11,5...30 V DC (explosion-proof type)
    Communication HART
    installation B type terminal
    measurement accuracy (Pt 100, -50...200°C) <= 0,2 K
    Electrical isolation Yes
    Certification ATEX: (Ex ia); FM+CSA: (IS); dust explosion-proof zone 22; GL class certification; UL meets the 3111-1 standard



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