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Bộ thử tín hiệu báo khói,HL-08A smoke detector function test device

Bộ thử tín hiệu báo khói,HL-08A smoke detector function test device

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  • Mã sản phẩm: HL-08A
  • HL-08A smoke detector function test device is a special tool developed by Beijing Penglichi Technology Co., Ltd. after years of research and repeated trial and error. Its structural design is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the operation is convenient, and it is suitable for various models. Ion, photoelectric smoke detector, for each unit that uses the fire alarm system to test the fire detector alarm function and the necessary tools in the installation and acceptance process of the installation and construction engineering unit.
    The working principle is that the rod is used as a smoke source, and the micro-wind pump is used to pass the smoke into the mouth of the smoke through a specially designed flue, and the smoke detector of the smoke detector is introduced to test the smoke function, thereby being convenient. Reliable and quick completion of inspection work.

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Technical Parameters:
    Response should be when the room: <30 seconds   
    Power source: DC 4.8V 900MA / H ( four high-capacity nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries import )      
    Smoke source: special stick incense      
    Telescopic rod length: 0.5-2.5M
    Work as a power source: <120MA   
    Smoke speed: <0.5m/s       
    Continuous working hours: >5 hours
       The smoke detector function test device is basically separated from the head (counterclockwise rotation), and the stick incense is directly pushed into the incense holder. (The burning part of the stick is facing down, pay attention to ensure that the stick is in the vertical position of the center of the pipe, and leave the tail of 20 mm exposed to facilitate the removal of the fragrance).
    The smoke tester is matched with the telescopic rod, and the required working length is received, and then the top end of the tester is floated and the top end is placed at the lower end of the detector to be inspected (the smoke outlet is pre-adjusted to the position of the smoke inlet window of the detector). At this time, the internal line is turned on, the green indicator light is on, and the air pump starts to work. At this time, the response time should be recorded. After the detector alarm indication, remove the smoke tester, the air pump automatically cuts off the power, and the green light indicator is off.

    First, the red indicator light of the smoke tester is on, indicating that the battery storage has dropped to the specified limit and needs to be charged in time.
    Second, the first charging time should be kept above 16 (to overcome the memory effect of Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries).
    Third, the special charger is specially designed, the internal circuit is different from other products, please do not use other products instead, so as not to damage the internal circuit of the smoke tester.
    Fourth, each time the use is completed, the fragrance should be taken out in time to extinguish.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to use in explosion-proof occasions.
    Instrument list:
    One cigarette smoker
    Set of telescopic rods
    Mouthpiece Zhi
    Charger one
    A tobacco rod 100 branched
    Aluminum box gold box
    One copy of the instructions



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