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Ắc quy battery YUASA UXL series, UXL220-2 (2V200AH) ~UXL3300-2N (2V3000AH)

Ắc quy battery YUASA UXL series, UXL220-2 (2V200AH) ~UXL3300-2N (2V3000AH)

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  • Yuasa battery series product introduction:
    The 6V and 12V product series mainly include NP, NPL, UXH, UXF, SWL, etc., with capacities ranging from 0.8Ah to 200 Ah; 2V product series mainly include UXL series, capacity from 200Ah to 3000 Ah; "YUASA" Japanese soup shallow battery has high Features such as performance, economic maintenance and labor saving, can be stored for 2 years at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C, product design life of 5-7 years, in the global communications, power, petrochemical, metallurgical, financial center, data center, subway , exhibitions and new energy fields have been widely used.
    Safe and environmentally friendly performance The full range of products of the shallow storage battery has undergone strict production procedures and comprehensive testing. The product has no leakage, no defective finished products leave the factory, no dirt is discharged during use, ensuring no environmental pollution; safe and reliable safety valve opening It has stable performance, reliable operation and good repeatability. It can maintain a certain pressure inside the battery to accelerate the efficiency of oxygen compound reaction. It can release excess gas caused by operation error or overcharge, ensure safety, and prevent gas or spark. Entering the inside of the battery causes self-discharge or burst. Sealed and reliable using imported sealant, with good adhesion and excellent toughness, so ensure that the battery does not leak.
    Tang shallow battery characteristics:
    The oxygen compounding efficiency of the adsorbed glass effectively controls the loss of moisture inside the battery, so that no water replenishment or acid maintenance is required throughout the use of the battery.
    ·Safe and reliable, special sealing structure, flame-retardant one-way exhaust system, no leakage during use, no fire.
    ·Using a computer designed low calcium lead alloy grid, the gas generation is minimized, and it can be easily recycled, which greatly prolongs the service life of the battery.
    · The thick plate and the cover are heat-sealed and the multi-cell battery design makes the battery installation and maintenance more economical. · Weight is higher than energy, internal resistance is small, and output power is high.
    ·High charge and discharge performance, self-discharge control is less than 2% per month (20 ° C).
    ·Recovery performance is good. In case of deep discharge or charger failure, after short circuit for 30 days, it can still be charged to restore its capacity.
    ·It has good temperature adaptability and can be safely used at -40~50°C.
    · No need for balanced charging, because the internal resistance, capacity and float voltage of the single battery are consistent, ensure that the battery does not need to be charged evenly during use.
    · The electrolyte is adsorbed in a special separator, does not flow, prevents gushing, and can be placed on the side, side, or end.
    About custody
    1. Please keep in mind that the temperature should not exceed -20 °C ~ +40 °C range.
        2. When storing the battery, the battery must be stored in a fully charged state. Since some capacity will be lost due to self-discharge during transportation or during storage, please replenish it when using it.
    3. In order to make up for the self-discharge during the storage period, please replenish the battery.
    When stored under 40C conditions, it has a very bad effect on battery life, please avoid!
    4. Store in a dry, low-temperature, well-ventilated area.
    5. If the battery pack is inadvertently wetted by water during storage or transfer, the packaging carton should be removed immediately to prevent the water-soaked carton from becoming a conductor causing the battery to discharge or burn out the positive terminal.
    UXL series battery
    Add colloid to the electrolyte to avoid delamination and extend life.
    Design float life:
    15 years

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Product specifications:
    Nominal voltage (V) 
        Nominal Voltage
    Each hourly rate capacity 
        Rated Capacity (Ah, 25 ° C) 
        termination voltage per cell 1.80V
    Reference size Approx Dimensions(mm) With terminal height 
        Overal Height
    10h rate 3h rate Long Length Wide Width High height "L-type terminal
        Type (A)  
     Copper core terminal Standard Type(B)          
     UXL220-2N  2  200 162  170  106  330 _ 339
     UXL330-2N  2  300 243  170  150  330 _ 339
     UXL440-2N  2  400 324  241  171  330 _ 339
     UXL440-2NH  2  400 324  241  171  330 362 _
     UXL550-2N  2  500 405  241  171  330 _ 339
     UXL550-2NH  2  500 405  241  171  330 362 _
     UXL660-2N  2  600 486  285  171  330 _ 339
     UXL880-2N  2  800 648  471  171  330 _ 339
     UXL880-2NH  2  800 648  471  171  330 362 _
     UXL1100-2N  2  1000 810  471  171  330 _ 339
     UXL1100-2NH  2  1000 810  471  171  330 362 _
     UXL1220-2N  2  1200 972  388  337  340 _ 348
     UXL1440-2N  2  1400 1134  388  337  340 _ 348
     UXL1550-2N  2  1500 1215  388  337  340 _ 348
     UXL1660-2N  2  1600 1296  388  337  340 _ 348
     UXL1880-2N  2  1800 1458  476  337  340 _ 348
     UXL2200-2N  2  2000 1620  476  337  340 _ 348
     UXL2550-2N  2  2500 2025  696  340  340 _ 348
     UXL3300-2N  2  3000 2430  696  340  340 _ 348
    Instructions for using the soup shallow battery: 
    1) Charging 
    (valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery (NP series) maintenance procedures) 
      (1) When charging the float, please use the charging voltage 2.275V/single grid (set value at 25°C) , perform constant voltage charging. When the temperature is below 0 °C or above 40 °C, it is necessary to correct the charging voltage. Starting from 25 °C, the voltage of the cell changes by -3 mV for every change. 
      (2) During cyclic charging, the charging voltage is constant voltage charging at 2.40 to 2.50 V/single (set value at 25 °C). When the temperature is charged below 5 ° C or above 35 ° C, the charging voltage is adjusted to -4 mV / cell for every one degree change from 25 ° C. 
      The current control at the initial stage of charging is below 0.25CA. 
      The amount of charge is set to 100 to 120% of the discharge amount. However, when the ambient temperature is 5 ° C or less, it is set to 120 to 130%. 
      [The lower the temperature (5 ° C or lower), the longer the charge end time is, and the higher the temperature (35 ° C or higher), the more likely the overcharge occurs. Therefore, it is preferable to charge at 5 ° C to 30 ° C especially during recycling. 
      To prevent overcharging be installed as a charging timer, or automatically converted into trickle charge mode. 
      The battery temperature should be controlled within the range of -15 ° C ~ +50 ° C during charging. 
    (2) Discharge 
    (valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery (NP series) maintenance procedures) 
    (1) When discharging, please control the battery temperature within the range of -15 °C ~ +50 °C. 
    (2) Continuous discharge current requested control 3CA the following (. H control 6CA less) 
      different terminals are allowable maximum current as follows: 
    the type of terminal and the maximum current 
    terminals the maximum allowable current (A)  
    continuous Within 1 min within 1 hour  
    patch Terminals 187 series 16 24 48 
    250 Series 25 83 75  
    Reed Wire Type (0.5mm) 7 20 30  
    (3) The discharge termination voltage varies depending on the current, which is roughly as follows. Note that when discharging, the voltage must not be lower than the voltage below. 
    Discharge current and discharge termination voltage 
    discharge current Discharge termination voltage 
    0.2CA less than 1.75V/single  
    0.2CA or more 0.5CA not full 1.70V/single  
    0.5CA or more 1.0CA not full 1.55V/single  
    1.0CA or more 1.30V/ Single cell  
    (4) Please charge quickly after discharge. If you accidentally overdischarge, please charge immediately.  
    (3) Installation precautions 
    (valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery (NP series) maintenance procedures) 
      (1) Fix the NP battery To avoid vibration and shock. After fixing the NP battery inside the machine, do not use it upside down when using it for a long time. When fixing the battery, be careful not to press the device for fixing the battery (or the sticker) against the upper cover, and there is an exhaust valve under the upper cover. If the upper cover covering the exhaust valve is pressed, the gas generated in the battery cannot escape. 
      (2) Since the NP battery generates flammable gas (hydrogen) during charging or storage, do not place the battery in a place with sparks (switches, fuses, etc.) 
      (3) Do not use closed containers and have flammable accumulation The gas-structured container holds the battery. To avoid the accumulation of flammable gases, use a battery container with a vent hole above and below. If flammable gas is accumulated, the container of the NP battery will be destroyed in the event of fire. 
      (4) When using the NP battery in the device, in order to prevent the temperature of the battery from rising, it is better to set the battery at the lowermost part of the machine, and when arranging the batteries, the temperature difference between the batteries should be below 3 °C. Also consider the venting holes of the container and so on. Also, avoid the battery touching the inner walls of the machine or touching each other.
      (5) Do not place the battery next to a hot object (such as a transformer). 
      (6) When using multiple batteries, be careful that the wiring between the NP batteries is correct, taking care not to short-circuit. 
      (7) When wiring, be careful not to mistake the polarity. 
      When connecting the NP battery to the charger or load, first turn off the line switch. When bolting 24Ah and above battery lead alloy terminals, first apply rust inhibitor (Vaseline) to the terminals and tighten them according to the torque values ​​in the following table. If it is not tight enough, it will appear loose, and sparks and danger will occur when a large current flows. After the connection, a thin layer of rust inhibitor is applied to the contact between the bolt nut and the connecting conductor.




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